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TitleSaddler EDGAR ATHERTON - FAKENHAM CEMETERY - Royal Field Artillery

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DescriptionFile of correspondence concerning the grave and headstone of Saddler Edgar Atherton in Fakenham Cemetery, Norfolk. Main topic involves the marking of Saddler Atherton’s grave with a Commission headstone after his widow contacted the Commission to explain that she had been unable to find his grave and the wooden cross had rotted away and was removed. Correspondence regarding next of kin’s choice of religious symbol and personal inscription on the headstone and the Commission’s future maintenance of the grave. Internal minutes and notes regarding enquiry in connection with the delivery of the headstone to be erected over Saddler Atherton’s grave. Correspondence confirming the headstone had been erected over the grave.
Content NoteIncludes: Handwritten letter from Atherton’s widow explaining she had been unable to find his grave and that the wooden cross marker placed over the grave had rotted away and been removed, dated 9 September 1956. Copy letter addressed to Chief Administrative Officer of United Kingdom District from T.H. Wildy Area Superintendent for Eastern Area explaining the grave was marked with a York Stone kerb inscribed with Atherton’s details, dated 5 October 1956. Letter from Atherton’s widow requesting for a cross and personal inscription to be engraved on the headstone and some small flints to be placed inside the kerb around the grave, dated 23 October 1956. Letter addressed to Atherton’s widow confirming a headstone had been erected over his grave by the Commission, dated 5 December 1957. Copy of the headstone schedule document for Atherton’s grave with note dated 12 November 1956.
Date9/9/1956 - 12/11/1956
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