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DescriptionFile of correspondence concerning the original burial location and grave of Captain Charles Edward Piercy Henderson, who is buried in Flatiron Copse Cemetery, Mametz, France. Main topics include correspondence with the casualty’s next of kin enquiring into the original grave in Villa Wood Cemetery and requesting a photo of the metal-reinforced wooden cross marker erected by Captain Henderson’s comrades. Request from casualty’s mother asking for the inscription to be added to the cross to read ‘M.C., Chevalier Legion d’Honneur.’ Correspondence regarding next of kin’s request for the grave to be specially cared for. Correspondence from the next of kin expressing distress of news of Villa Wood Cemetery not appearing to be cared for properly with responses from the DGRE explaining difficulties in keeping cemeteries tidy owing to the devastation of the land and ongoing conflict. Correspondence from next of kin describing vain search for Captain Henderson’s grave which was no longer in Villa Wood Cemetery with response from DGRE explaining that the grave had been exhumed and Henderson was reburied in Flatiron Copse Cemetery. Correspondence regarding request from next of kin for the original cross marker on Henderson’s grave to be returned and the choice of personal inscription to be inscribed on the Commission headstone marking Henderson’s grave.
Content NoteIncludes: Handwritten letter from casualty’s father mentioning that Captain Henderson was buried near Contalmaison Villa Wood and his grave was marked with a metal cross erected by his comrades, dated 29 November 1916. Internal note by officer in charge of Section H reporting on his visit to Henderson’s grave on 9 March 1917 and remarking on the grave being in a surprisingly good condition despite being in a cemetery where no men were working at the time, dated 13 March 1917. Handwritten letter from casualty’s next of kin expressing distress having learned that the graves in Villa Wood Cemetery were seemingly not being looked after, dated 6 February 1918. Response to next of kin’s letter of 6 Feb from DGRE explaining difficulty in keeping cemeteries tidy owing to the state of the ground and devastation of the country at the time, dated 20 February 1918. Letter from casualty’s mother asking about the condition of Captain Henderson’s grave, having asked one of his comrades to investigate but who was wounded the next day, dated 3 October 1918. Copy letter from DGRE to next of kin explaining that work would commence on tidying up crosses and graves in Villa Wood Cemetery which had sustained damage from shell fire, dated 15 October 1918. Letter from casualty’s mother explaining she had gone looking for the grave in 1919 and found the cemetery at Villa Wood had vanished and that she had gone around Pozieres, Courcelette, Amiens, Meaulte and Albert to make enquiries but to no avail, dated 1 January 1920. Handwritten letter from next of kin discussing issues of DGRE in France being short-staffed, dated 12 January 1920. Form detailing the next of kin’s request for the return of the wooden cross, dated 24 June 1926. Handwritten letter from the casualty’s sister requesting two tickets for the unveiling ceremony of the Thiepval Memorial on Whitsunday in 1932, dated 8 May 1932.
Date29/11/1916 - 8/5/1932
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