Unique IDCWGC/2/2/1/69
File NumberWG 1831/11


DescriptionProposal for US memorials where bodies had been removed from British cemeteries; representation of Ireland on Commission; inscription on the Egyptian Labour and Camel Transport Corps memorial; finance committee business; Finance Committee to draft scheme for maintenance of cemeteries in Middle East; re-appointment of Secretary General of IWGC Canadian agency; choice of form of headstone for graves in South Africa; sites for concentration of graves in Poland; proposal to take over pre-war graves in Egypt from Office of Works; permission for junior architects to design on cemetery each, independently of principal architects; staff appointments; grant of grave plots in Reading cemetery; publication and sales of cemetery registers; supply of photographs of graves.
Date25/7/1924 - 4/11/1924
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ArchNotePlease note that the downloadable document is the final version of the Committee Meeting minutes. Additional information, including the verbatim minutes and subsidiary reports, may be available in the physical file.
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