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DescriptionFinance committee business; authority to assign grave in Efford Cemetery, Portsmouth to next of kin; approval of agreement with Corporation of Newcastle-on-Tyne for maintenance of war graves; request from British Legion that post-war deaths from war-time causes should count as war graves; completion of cemetery construction contract by D.G. Somerville & Co.; recommendations of Battle Exploits Memorial Committee; increase in reward paid for discovery of bodies in France; decision to remove wooden unit memorials from military cemeteries; proposal for joint Anglo-French memorial at Arras, and to appoint Sir J. Simpson as British co-architect; offer by burgomaster of Enschede, Netherlands, to maintain British war graves free of charge; changes to constitution of Anglo-Italian Mixed Committee; responsibility for and construction of cemeteries for Turkish dead in Egypt; architectural treatment of British graves amongst civilian graves at Tabora Cemetery, East Africa; use of cruciform Admiralty headstone at Zanzibar English Cemetery; appointment of boundary commission re sites for cemeteries in Turkey, in connection with Treaty of Lausanne; concentration of graves and sites for memorials to missing in Asia Minor (Turkey); approval of design for memorial to missing, Basra, by E. Warren; appointment of IWGC representative in Persia (Iran); staff appointments; authority to place contract for Mazargues Cemetery, Marseilles; authority to place contract for Ohlsdorf Cemetery, Hamburg, and to use allied (non-British) labour; proposal that Commission should assist in construction of Australian memorial at Port Said; approval for removal of body from Brookwood Cemetery to Ireland; publication and sales of cemetery registers.
Date1/5/1924 - 24/7/1924
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ArchNotePlease note that the downloadable document is the final version of the Committee Meeting minutes. Additional information, including the verbatim minutes and subsidiary reports, may be available in the physical file.

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DS/UK/28Warren; Edward Prioleau (1856-1937); architect and archaeologist1856-1937
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