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TitleCOMMISSION MEETING NO.591 - December 1992


DescriptionMinutes of 591th Meeting of the Commission.
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President's Opening Address
The President opens the meeting.

Welcome to Mr Llin Golding, Sir Harold Walker and Mr Goss

The President announces that General Sir John Akehurst would become a member of the Commision from April 1993.

Minutes of the 590th Meeting of the Commission and Matters Arising From The Minutes
Circulation of minutes
There were no matters arising

Corporate Plan 1993-96
The Secretary states that the bluk of the work of the Commission remains unchanged form year to year, and thus he will only highlight any changes. The works side of things were becoming more efficient, and savings had occured when the Commission's Outer Area office had assumed responsibility for the work of North Africa Area. There has been an increase in enquiries dealt with, and the accuracy of items being scanned will facilitate the creation of a computer database. Discussions have been made to hire a professional archivist, with the offer accepted in principle.

It is hoped that it would be possible to begin necessary, but costly, renovation work in problem countries. In Nigeria, it will be necessary to take direct control of the work, even though this will add 11 new members of staff. Although the proposed expenditure for 1993-94 was in excess of the 1992-93 estimate, it represented a reduction in real terms. Costs for 1994-95 were likely to increase due to various reasons. Projects to be deferred are irrigation schemes, base site accomondation, the new Commission film, and new office accomondation in Rome. Mr Gair states that all memeber governments are experiencing financial difficulties.

The Commission adopted the draft as its corporate plan.

Estimate of Expenditure 1993-94
Mr Kennedy explains that, compared to the figure for 1992-93, the 1993-94 estimate showed a reduction of about £1.5m. Mr Kennedy discusses the different options for insuring against further deteriotation of the value of sterling. Sir Nigel Mobbs states that the proposed estimate figure reflected the view of the Finance Committee.

General Sir Robert Ford expresses real concern that the reductions in funds accepted this year might well be followed by attempted substantial reductions in estimates being sought by governments in future years. It is the task of the Commissioners the ensure that the Charter was properly executed.

The Commission approved the estimate of net expenditure and decided that foreign currency requirements should be brought forward in order to protect the estimate figures.

Forecast of Outturn 1992-93
The Commission took note.

Commonwealth War Cemeteries in Libya
Mr Dalley states that, in order to remedy certain issues at Commission sites in Lybya, A maintenance team from Egypt would travel from Egypt in February 1993.

Proposed Exhange of Letters, Estonia
Following the re-gaining of independence by Estonia, formal arrangements for the maintenence of war graves was necessary.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission Superannuation Scheme- Appointment of Trustee
The Commission approves the appointment of Air Chief Marshal Sir Joseph Gilbert as a trustee from 1 April 1993.

Imperial War Graves Endowment Fund: Appointment of Trustee
The Commission approves the appointment of Air Chief Marshal Sir Joseph Gilbert as a trustee from 1 April 1993.

Appointment to Finance Committee
General Sir Robert Ford reports that Sir Harold Walker has indicated that he would be happy to serve on the Finance Committee.

Appointment to South African Agency
The Commission takes note of the appointment of Lieutenant W J Wolmarans from 1 September 1992.

Commonwealth-Foreign Joint Committees- Appointment of Members
The Commission approved and took note of five appointments set out in the accompanying report.

Burials and Commemorations
The Commission approved the alternative commemoration of five war burials.

Schedule of Documents Executed on Behalf of the Commission
The Commission took note of the execution of documents on its behalf

Tours by Commissioners and Head Office Senior Officials
Admiral Sir Nicholas Hunt speaks of his tour in Egypt, and that he wa simpressed by the high standards there. Mrs Golding speaks of her visit to Bermuda Royal Naval Cemetery and Nassau War Cemetery.

The President speaks of the visit by Her Majesty the Queen and His Royal Highness Prince Philip to Berlin 1939-45 War Cemetery in October. The President speaks of his attendance in October at the commemoration service at the German Memorial at El Alamein, and thanked Professor O'Neill for his Remembrance Day broadcast.
Professor Peter Shepeard speaks of his participation in the Horticulture Officer's Conference held at Head Office in November. Dame Janet Fookes speaks of her attendance at the annual remembrance ceremony at Plymough Naval Memorial

Other business
Royal British Legion Festival of Remembrance
Viscount Ridley suggests that the Commission should participate in the annual Royal British Legion Festival.

Review by United Kingdom Ministry of Defence
Mr Facer reports that the Ministry of Defence review team has completed its initial programme of interviews. He also states that the team had been favourably impressed by the standards scheived by the Commission.

Mr John Sayor
The President announces that this will be the last meeting to be attended by Mr John Saynor

Seasonal Greetings
The President states his appreciation of the work undertaken by Commission staff over the last eyar, and wishes them all a happy Christmas season and a successful 1993.

His Royal Highness The Duke of Kent KG GCMG GCVO ADC (President of the Commission)
General Sir Robert Ford GCB CBE (Vice-Chairman of the Commission)
His Excellency The Hon George F Gair QSO (High Commissiner for New Zealand)
Dame Janet Fookes DBE MP
Sir Nigel Mobbs DL
Admiral Sir Nicholas Hunt GCB LVO
Air Chief Marshal Sir Joseph Gilbert KCB CBE
The Viscount Ridley AO
Professor R J O'Neill AO
Mrs LLin Golding MP
Sir Harold Walker KCMG
Mr D Goss (Acting High Commissioner for Australia)
Mr R L L Facer (Representing the Secretary of State for Defence in the United Kingdom)
Mr R. G. S. Johnson (Representing the Secretary of State for the Environment in the United Kingdom)
Brigadier-General D M Dean CD (Representing the High Commissioner for Canada)
Brigadier B S Malik AVSM (Representing the High Commissioner for India)
Commodore J G Leonard RNZN (Representing the High Commissioner for New Zealand)
Mr B Knoefel (Representing the Ambassador of the Republic of South Africa)

Professor Sir Peter Shepheard CBE BArch PPRIBA MRTPI PPILA, Honorary Artistic Advisor
Professor G T Prance MA DPhil FLS, Honorary Botanical Advisor

Mr J Saynor CMG JP, Director-General

Commander Roger Walker RN, Private Secretary to His Royal Highness The Duke of Kent
Mr D Kennedy, Director-General (Designate)
Mr T F Penfold, Assistant Secretary, Deputy Director-General (Administration)
Mr R J Dalley, Assitant Secretary, Deputy Director-General (Operations)
Mr G.C. Reddie, Legal Adviser and Solicitor
Mr D R Parker, Director of Personnel
Mr A Coombe, Director of Works
Mr J.P.D. Gee, Director of Information and Secretariat
Mr D C Parker, Director of Horticulture
Mr T V Reeves, Director of Finance
Miss E Kennedy, Higher Executive Officer, Secretariat
Mrs C Kirby, Secretariat
Date16/12/1992 - 16/12/1992
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