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TitleCOMMISSION MEETING NO.549 - June 1982


DescriptionMinutes of the 549th Meeting of the Commission
Content NoteTopics covered:

Sir David Muirhead KCMG CVO
The Chairman welcomed Sir David Muirhead KCMG CVO who would be replacing Sir Robert Black as a Commissioner when the latter retired on the 30 June.

Birthday Honours List
Announcement of the appointment of Mr Pritchard, Director North Africa Area, as a Member of the British Empire and the award of the British Empire Medal to Mr Kennett, Head Gardener, Hanover Group in the Birthday Honours List.

Matters arising from the Minutes of the 548th Meeting
Including report on the progress of work on the France Area Headquarters, Beaurains, Arras, and a revised date for the completion of work on the United Kingdom Area Headquarters at Leamington Spa; report on the Maintenance of War Graves in Nigeria from a recent trip made by Mr Gardner.

Commonwealth War Graves Superannuation Scheme (1952)
Report on Commonwealth War Graves Superannuation Scheme (1952) valuation as at 31st March 1981, with proposed changes to the basic contribution payable by the Commission to the Trustees of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission Superannuation Scheme.

Adoption of the Report of the 590th Meeting of the Finance Committee
Item 4 covered the supply of another 35 historical notices.
Items 5 and 6 were routine pay increases.
Item 7 was an extension of the current contract for inscribed headstones to replace those which were damaged or deteriorated.

Membership of the Finance Committeee
Agreement to the appointment of General Sir Robert Ford GCB CBE to Membership of the Finance Committee.

Report on the Review of Styles of Horticulture
Including comments about the effects of weed suppressants on borders, the use of trees in cemeteries, particularly in conjunction with the Cross of Sacrifice, and decisions to not enclose particular cemeteries such as Groesbeek, Massicault and Becklingen due to the historical significance of the surrounding location.

The Falkland Islands
Report on commemoration of War Dead in The Falkland Islands, with comments about the coverage of the Commission’s work through radio and television and references to the precedent set with regards to non-repatriation of remains.

Commonwealth War Graves - Sudan
Update on condition of Commonwealth War Graves in Sudan.

Commonwealth-Italian Joint Committee
Report of the Seventh Meeting of Commonwealth-Italian Joint Committee.

Appointment of Members to the Commonwealth-Foreign Joint Committees
Commonwealth-Belgian Joint Committee:
His Excellency Mr J E Jackson CMG (British Ambassador, Brussels)
Capitaine R E Roesbeke Etat-Major General Ministere de la Defense National
Commonwealth- Japanese Joint Committee:
Colonel M R Grove (Defence and Military Attache, British Embassy, Tokyo).

Graves Not Within the Commission’s Control – United Kingdom
Approval of the classification as not within the Commission's control of the 47 war graves enumerated in Supplementary List No 23 of war graves in the United Kingdom.

Execution of Documents
Confirmation of the action for the execution by the Commission or on its behalf of the documents Serial Nos Part 11 196 and 197, referred to in the Schedule laid before the meeting.

Tours by Head Office Officials
Update on Tours by Head Office Officials including report of a Tour of Israel by Mr Kennedy the Director Outer Area, report of a Tour of Central and Northern England by Mr Morgan Legal Adviser and Solicitor, and a report by Admiral Sir David Williams of his tour to Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany and Denmark.

Other Business
Including a report of a request by the Canadian Government for bi-lingual road signs directing travellers to Commission war cemeteries containing the graves of Canadian war dead in both English and French.
Acknowledgement of the interest in and contribution made by Mr A E van Niekerk to the Commission’s work.
Acknowledgement of 18 years of Service from Mr I.E. Morgan to the Commission, including four years as the Commission’s Legal Adviser and Solicitor.
Acknowledgment of the Work of Sir Robert Black who was retiring as a Commissioner at the end of June.
Report of Visit by Mr Stanley the Minister for Housing and Construction to Indonesia.

Air Chief Marshall Sir John Barraclough KCB CBE DFC AFC FRSA (Vice-Chairman of the Commission), in the Chair
Sir Arthur Hockaday KCB CMG (Representing the Secretary of State for Defence)
Mr R. A. Gomme (Representing the Minister for Housing and Construction)
Mr G. A. Cowley (Representing the High Commissioner for Canada)
Mr R. H. Robertson (Representing the High Commissioner for Australia)
His Excellency The Hon L. W. Gandar (High Commissioner for New Zealand)
Mr A. E. van Niekerk (Representing the Ambassador of South Africa)
Brigadier V. Madan VSM (Representing the High Commissioner for India)
Miss Joan Woodgate CBE RRC
Sir John Winnifrith KCB
Mr Edward Gardner QC MP
Lord Wallace of Coslany
Sir Edward Goschen Bt DSO
Admiral Sir David Williams GCB DL
General Sir Robert Ford GCB CBE

Mr A.K. Pallot CB CMG (Director-General)

Professor Sir Peter Shepheard CBE BArch PPRIBA MRTPI PPILA (Honorary Artistic Adviser)
Professor J.P.M. Brenan MA BSc FLS FIBiol VMH (Honorary Botanical Adviser)

There were also present:
Sir David Muirhead KCMG CVO

And the following officials of the Commission:
Mr A.S. Laing CBE MVO (Deputy Director-General)
Mr P. R. Matthews (Assistant Secretary, Assistant Director-General (Operations))
Mr J. Saynor (Assistant Secretary, Assistant Director-General (Administration))
Mr I.E. Morgan (Legal Adviser and Solicitor)
Mr J.P. Paton NDH (Director of Horticulture)
Mr P. H. M. Swan (Director External Relations)
Mr H. Westland MIPM (Establishment Officer)
Mr S.G. Campbell MC (Director of Information Services)
Mr W.J. Symons (Chief Finance Officer)
Mr N.B. Osborn ARICS (Assistant Director of Works)
Mr D. Kennedy (Director Outer Area)
Mr J.P. Gee (Secretariat)
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