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TitleCOMMISSION MEETING NO.322 - January 1950


DescriptionMinutes of the 322nd Meeting of the Commission
Content NoteTopics discussed:

Apologies for absence
General Sir Robert Gordon-Finlayson, who was unfortunately ill; Lord Wigram, who was abroad; Edward Maufe, who had been unwell but was making good progress; and from Sir William Halcrow.

High Commissioner for New Zealand
Mention that Mr. Jordan would continue to hold the Office of High Commissioner for New Zealand in London until the normal term of the appointment expired in 1951.

New Year's Honours
M.B.E. received by Mr S. Burkey, Regional Inspector for Northern Region, United Kingdom and Mr J.W. Gothwaite, Quantity Surveyor in French District.
British Empire Medal awarded to Mr J. Carroll, Head Gardener Grade A in the North-West European District.

War graves in civil and cantonment cemeteries in India and Pakistan
Mention that the Chairman (Mr Shinwell) had written to the Minister of Defence, Mr Alexander, suggesting re-examination of the policy that only twelve of the civil and cantonment cemeteries would be maintained in India and Pakistan, and that the remainder, apart from those which were being by local Christian communities for current burials, would be closed and allowed over a period of years to return to nature.
Mention that the War Office had formed a small committee composed of representatives of the Admiralty, the Air Ministry, the Commonwealth Relations Office, and the Treasury, with the following terms of reference: “To ascertain all the relevant facts and to suggest ways and means of ensuring proper care of the 1914-1918 graves, together with an estimate of the cost."
Request from the Secretary of State for War for a representative of the Commission to be made available to assist the committee with information or advice as required.

Memorials to the Missing
Arrangements for the announcement of the Commission’s proposals for its memorials to the missing for the war dead of the 1939-1945 War.

30th Annual Report
Mention that the Commission’s 30th Annual Report had been submitted for printing and would be submitted to the Commissioners at their meeting in February 1950.

Report of the 366th meeting of the Finance Committee
Item 7 concerned the construction of Chouain (Jerusalem) War Cemetery, France, the first cemetery to be completed in the Bayeux Area.
Item 10 concerned the appointment of an Assistant Director of Works in the Eastern District.
Item 12 concerned the water supply in Heliopolis War Cemetery, Egypt.
Item 13 concerned the provision of water supply at El Alamein War Cemetery, Egypt.
Item 14 concerned the retirement of R.W. Murphy after a long and valuable service.

Bath (Haycombe) Cemetery, Somerset, United Kingdom
Examination of sketch design by Edward Maufe, R.A., Chief Architect and Artistic Adviser.

Salerno (Beach Head) Cemetery, Italy
Examination of sketch design by Louis de Soissons, A.R.A., Principal Architect for Italy and Greece

Hargeisa Military Cemetery, British Somaliland
Examination of sketch design for Hargeisa Military Cemetery, including comments that heavy rain had eroded the mud wall surrounding the site.

29th Quarterly Report (to 31 December 1949) for the maintenance of war graves in the United Kingdom, including comments that the Commission’s constructional work was still being held up by wooden crosses erected over graves.

Runnymede Air Forces Memorial
Agreement with Edward Maufe, R.A. as the architect for the Runnymede Air Forces Memorial, Coopers Hill.

Weston Mill and Efford Cemeteries, Plymouth, Devonshire
Deed of Grant of exclusive burial rights in the war graves of the 1939/45 War.

Redcar Cemetery, Yorkshire
Deed of Grant of exclusive burial rights in the war graves of the 1939/45 War.

Items of interest
Mention that the Municipality of Bergen agreed to carry out constructional work in Mollendal Cemetery; Good progress of work in Southern European District;
Wreath laying ceremony at Klagenfurt Cemetery, Austria, on Remembrance Day by Brigadier B.A. Burke, D.S.O., the British Zone Commander.

Assistance from Mr A.D. Francis, British Consul in Danzig, in resolving issues with the maintenance of war graves in cemeteries in Poland.

Date of next meeting scheduled for Thursday 16 February 1950 at 11:00am.

The Commission’s film was shown at the end of the meeting.

Admiral Sir Martin Dunbar-Smith, V.C., K.C.B. (Vice-Chairman)
J.P. Sigvaldason, Esq. (Representing the High Commissioner for Canada)
J.D. McAteer, Esq. (Representing the High Commissioner for Australia)
Major-General W.G. Stevens, C.B., C.B.E. (Representing the High Commissioner for New Zealand)
D.V. Serrurier, Esq. (Representing the High Commissioner for South Africa)
W.B. England, Esq., M.B.E. (Representing the High Commissioner for India)
J.W. Balding, Esq. (Representing the High Commissioner for Pakistan)
R.C. Cade, Esq. (Representing the Secretary of State for the Colonies)
A.B. Moore, Esq. (Representing the Minister of Works)
Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur Longmore, G.C.B., D.S.O.
The Rt. Hon. Sir Richard Hopkins, G.C.B.
Lieutenant-Colonel Sir Herbert Ellissen, C.B.E.
General Sir James S. Steele, K.B.E., C.B., D.S.O., M.C.
Sir Patrick Spens, K.B.E., K.C.

F. Higginson, Esq., C.M.G. (Secretary)

Also in attendance:
F.C. Sillar, Esq., C.B.E. (Principal Assistant Secretary)
R.W. Bateman (Director of Works)
O.D. Holt, Esq. (Principal, Secretarial Branch)
C.R. Kirton, M.B.E. (Chief Accountant)
W.K.K. Kinnear, Esq., M.B.E. (Chief Records Officer)
F. Tyrrell, Esq., M.B.E. (Chief Enquiries Officer)
A.S. Laing, Esq. (Private Secretary to the Secretary)
R.W. Murphy, Esq., O.B.E. (Chief Administrative Officer, United Kingdom District)
Date14/12/1949 - 6/3/1950
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