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DescriptionMeeting held 24th July 1918. Appointment and composition of Egyptian Executive Committee, including suggestion that committee should have an additional military member representing India, one who was fully conversant with the various rites and ceremonies of the main religions in that country; appointment of delegates to negotiate with French government on arrangements for work of Commission in France; recommendations of the Indian sub-committee, including for the treatment of graves of Muslim and Hindu casualties; offer of care of graves by Institution Royale des Filles des Militaires; recommendations from Brookwood Committee to mark graves of all British and Empire soldiers in cemetery with uniform headstones, although noted that Treasury had only sanctioned Commission to mark graves overseas; funds raised by members of the South African Native Labour Corps for construction of a memorial within a cemetery in France; acknowledgement and thanks given to the Joint War Committee of Red Cross and Order of Saint John for their work in connection with maintaining the war graves, particularly with regard to photographing the graves and planting the cemeteries; consideration of a request from the Scottish Branch of the National Union of Women Workers for representation of women on the Commission; circulation of statement regarding the work of the DGRE in negotiating with the governments of France, Belgium, Egypt, Greece and Italy for the provision of land for British cemeteries in those countries.
Date26/4/1918 - 16/8/1918
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