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DescriptionMinutes of Special Meeting of the Commission, focusing on the decision against the repatriation of bodies overseas, particularly Japan and Japanese territory.
Content NoteTopics covered:

Apologies for absence received from the Chairman, Mr D.J. Davies, Sir John Kennedy, and Admiral Sir Martin Dunbar-Nasmith.

Decision Against Repatriation Of Bodies From Overseas
Refers to the meeting in May when the Commission had discussed the question of the repatriation of bodies of members of His Majesty's Forces, and that they had considered a statement for publication in the Press after agreement to its terms had been obtained from all the participating Governments. This statement had been duly submitted and had received their approval.
Includes drafting of text for announcement in the Press, and a telegram suggested for members to send to their respective Governments.
Further discussion regarding the decision against repatriation of bodies from overseas, including Japan or Japanese territory, and Germany.

Retirement Of Mr S.M. Bruce
Announcement of Mr Bruce’s retirement and words of appreciation expressed by Mr Bruce.

Major-General Sir Fabian Ware, K.C.V.O., K.B.E., C.B., C.M.G., LL.D. (Vice-Chairman, in the Chair)
Colonel E.H. Jones, D.C.M., E.D. (Representing the High Commissioner for Canada)
The Rt. Hon. Stanley M. Bruce, C.H., M. C. (High Commissioner for Australia)
C. Knowles, Esq., C.B.E. (Representing the High Commissioner for New Zealand)
The Hon. G. Heaton Nicholls (High Commissioner for South Africa)
Sir Samuel Runganadhan (Representing the High Commissioner for India)
General Sir Robert Gordon-Finlayson, K.C.B., C.M.G., D.S.O.
Colonel Sir John Shute, C.M.G., D.S.O., J.P.
Air Chief Marshal Sir Arthur Longmore, G.C.B., D.S.O., D.L.

There were also present:
Lieut.-Colonel Sir Herbert Ellissen, C.B.E. (Adviser on Post-War Organisation and Reconstruction)
Brigadier J.K. McNair, C.B.E. (Director of Graves Registration and Enquiries, War Office)
F.T. Sprange, Esq., O.B.E.
I.T. Meyer, Esq.
Brigadier F. Higginson, C.M.G. (Controller)
Lieut.-Colonel H.F. Chettle, C.M.G., O.B.E. (Director of Records)
Captain H.P.R. Foster
Captain F. Tyrrell, M.B.E.
Lieutenant O.D. Holt
Date1/9/1945 - 30/9/1945
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CategoryMeeting Notes
ArchNotePlease note that the downloadable document is the final version of the Committee Meeting minutes. Additional information, including the verbatim minutes and subsidiary reports, may be available in the physical file.
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