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DescriptionMinutes of the 215th Meeting of the Commission
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Minutes of the last meeting approved.

Announcement of the death of Admiral Sir Morgan Singer and brief account of the funeral service, where B.S. Conyngham Greene represented the Commission. Mentions proposal for appointing a successor to Sir Morgan Singer, which the Vice-Chairman suggested should be a Naval Officer.

Announcement that Lord Stanley had been appointed Secretary of State for the Dominions.

Mention that since the last Meeting of the Commission only one Ceremony had been reported from France, a Ceremony to commemorate the anniversary of the signing of the Inter-Allied Agreement for Unified Command. This was held at Doullens on 26 March, and the Commission was represented by Commander Mackenzie.
Announcement that the Commission's Branch Offices at Bethune and Abbeville had now been closed and that an Office had been opened at Wimereux. This was necessitated by the re-arrangement of horticultural areas.

Mention that the Vice-Chairman attended on 3 May a Meeting of the Public Accounts Committee at the House of Commons.

Mentions a report received from Major Menzies which stated that on 13 March, the German Memorial Day, the German Consul at Salonika had visited Lembet Road Cemetery, accompanied by various members of the local German community, and had laid a wreath on the British Stone of Remembrance.

Refers to question raised regarding the inclusion of the name of the Architect on the Memorials to the Missing in France and Belgium.

Update on the number of Visitors signing the Visitors' Books at the Cemeteries and Memorials in France and Belgium during March and April which was 10,718. The corresponding figures for the previous year were 8,735.

Postponement of the date of the next Commission meeting owing to that the original date which followed immediately on the Whitsuntide holidays and the celebration of The King's Birthday.

Announcement of a communication which had been received from Brigadier Prower accepting the Commission's offer of the appointment of Chief Administrative Officer.
Reminder that Colonel Higginson had accepted the appointment of Director of Works in London, which was one of the three posts assigned to Assistant Secretaries.

Report Of The 3rd Meeting Of The Anglo-German-French Mixed Committee
Mentions that, before the meeting, Admiral von Trotha, accompanied by Sir George Macdonogh, proceeded to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and laid a wreath in the presence of General Vincensini.Mentions welcome speech by General Guillaumat and brief summary of proceedings, including resignation of Herr Horning as Director of the Z.A.K., and the position of the Volksbund regarding the marking of German graves in the United Kingdom as explained by Dr Eulen. This was followed by a report of the tour undertaken by Members. Resolution for the adoption of the Mixed Committee’s Report.

Re-erection Of Flagstaff In Les Gonards Cemetery, Versailles
Explains Mrs. Whiteside received permission from the French Authorities shortly after the death of her husband in 1915 to fly the Union Jack in Les Gonards Cemetery where her husband was buried. Refers to her recent request for permission to erect a new flagstaff as the old flagstaff was becoming rotten, which was agreed to be granted.

Report Of The 3rd Meeting Of The Iraq Committee
Update on the Meeting, with resolution for the adoption of the Report of the Committee.

Discovery And Reburial Of Bodies In France And Belgium
Update on the discovery and reburial of bodies in France and Belgium, which showed a large reduction in the number of bodies found in comparison with the corresponding period of 1937.

Major-General Sir Fabian Ware, K.C.V.O.,K.B.E.,C.B.,C.M.G.,LL.D. (Vice-Chairman, in the Chair)
Lieut.-Colonel A.F. Rawson Lumby, C.I.E., O.B.E. (Representing the Secretary of State for India)
Lieut.-Colonel G.P. Vanier, D.S.O. ,M.C. (Representing the High Commissioner for Canada)
S.R. Skinner, Esq. (Representing the High Commissioner for New Zealand)
E.K. Scallan, Esq. (Representing the High Commissioner for South Africa)
The Hon. Sir Edgar Bowring, K.C.M.G. (Representing the Government of Newfoundland)
Lieut.-General Sir George Macdonogh, G.B.E., K.C.B., K.C.M.G.
J. J. Lawson, Esq., M.P.

There were also present:
Lieut.-Colonel C.P. Oswald, C.M.G., O.B.E. (Controller and Assistant Secretary, Finance)
Lieut.-Colonel H.F. Robinson, C.M.G. (Director of Works)
F.C. Sillar, Esq.
B.S. Conyngham Greene, Esq.
Date2/5/1938 - 21/6/1938
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CategoryMeeting Notes
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