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DescriptionMeeting held 10th February 1918. Matters arising out of previous minutes, including agreement to proposals made by Sir William Garstin in relation to war graves in Egypt including the suggestion to create an Executive Committee in Egypt to carry out the work required, and the appointment of an architect to work with the Committee to design the cemeteries; reports on offers to care for cemeteries, agreement on recognition of Brookwood Cemetery Committee as sub-committee of IWGC, report on production of leaflet outlining IWGC principal of equality of treatment, and decision not to publish leaflet in press for present; agreement that IWGC should act as `association régulièrement constituée' under French law and obtaining authority from French government to carry out its work in France; consideration of Frederic Kenyon's report on war cemeteries in France and Flanders, and recommendations regarding cemetery and headstone design and selection of architects (Lutyens, Blomfield and Baker names suggested and approved); finances of Commission.
Date1/2/1918 - 6/4/1918
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CategoryMeeting Notes
ArchNotePlease note that the downloadable document is the final version of the Committee Meeting minutes. Additional information, including the verbatim minutes and subsidiary reports, may be available in the physical file.

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DS/UK/3Kenyon; Sir; Frederic George (1863-1952); Greek and biblical scholar and museum director1863-1952
DS/UK/2Ware; Sir; Fabian Arthur Goulstone (1869-1949); newspaper editor and the founder of the Imperial War Graves Commission1869-1949
DS/UK/5Lutyens; Sir; Edwin Landseer (1869-1944); architect1869-1944
DS/UK/7Blomfield; Sir; Reginald Theodore (1856-1942); architect1856-1942
DS/UK/6Baker; Sir; Herbert (1862-1946); architect and author1862-1946
DS/UK/22Gill; Leslie MacDonald (1884-1947); artist and decorative cartographer1884-1947
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