Unique IDCWGC/2/2/1/102
File NumberWG 1831/44


DescriptionMinutes of the last meeting; Death of the Burgomaster of Ypres; Report of the 154th and 155th meetings of the Finance Committee; Haslingden (Holden Hall) Cemetery; Croydon (Queens Road) Cemetery; Cross of Sacrifice, Channel Islands; Loos Memorial to the Missing; Memorial to the Missing, Arras; Crosses struck by lightning; Niederzwehren Cemetery, Cassel, Germany; Non-War graves in Iraq; Deterioration of Headstones in Egypt and Palestine; Seychelles Carrier Corps Memorial; Claims by Mr Hammond; Staff of the Commission; Post War graves; tablet Vancouver; Cancellation of contracts; Arras Offices.
Date31/8/1927 - 19/9/1927
Extent1 file
ArchNotePlease note that the downloadable document is the final version of the Committee Meeting minutes. Additional information, including the verbatim minutes and subsidiary reports, may be available in the physical file.
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