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TitleAnnual Report No: 01 (1919-20)


DescriptionFirst IWGC Annual Report for 1919-1920
Content NoteContents include:

A statistical table of graves and burials registered in each theatre of war up to 31st March 1920.

A statement of accounts and of the finances of the Commission up to 31st March 1920, including a reference to HM Treasury agreeing to a sum not exceeding £15,000 being expended on constructing three cemeteries in order to enable the Commission to arrive at an accurate estimate of the total cost involved; and the Imperial War Conference’s resolution that the Commission’s costs would be borne by the participating governments in proportion to the numbers of the graves of their dead.

A summary of the origins of the Commission and the granting of the Royal Charter on 21st May 1917, and the appointment of the first Commissioners including HRH The Prince of Wales as President; the Secretary of State for War as Chairman and Major-General Sir Fabian Ware as Vice-Chairman.

Outline of the principles of the Commission’s work as set out in the report dated 24th January 1918 of Sir Frederick Kenyon, having been appointed as Advisor to the Commission on the architectural treatment of cemeteries, and the suggestion that those whose graves were unknown be commemorated on Memorials to the Missing to be placed in the cemetery nearest the spot where the soldier was believed to have lost his life.

Appointment of Lutyens, Blomfield and Baker as the Principal Architects for France and Belgium, with Holden added later, along with Lorimer (Italy, Egypt and Macedonia), Burnet (Palestine and Gallipoli) and Warren (Mesopotamia); the adoption of the Cross of Sacrifice and Stone of Remembrance as the two central memorials to be erected in the cemeteries, and the recommendation that all the headstones should be of a uniform shape.

Elaboration of the Commission’s activities in France and Belgium, including the construction of the three ‘experimental cemeteries’ at Le Treport, Forceville and Louvencourt, leading to a Unit Cost Schedule being drawn up based on a figure of £10 per grave as a guide to ensure future designs are kept within the general estimate. Listing of 31 cemeteries constituting the ‘First Priority Programme’ for which designs had been taken in hand and for which tenders for construction to be called in the next financial year, along with a ‘Second Priority Programme’ consisting of a further 30 cemeteries designs were also put in hand in March 1920*. Shorter summaries of the Commission’s work in other theatres of war including Italy, Egypt, Macedonia, Palestine, Gallipoli, the United Kingdom and other countries.

A report on progress with the acquisition of land for cemeteries under the supervision of the Land and Legal Adviser appointed in January 1919, and the organisation of the work of construction under the auspices of the Commission’s Works Branch detailing the number of cemeteries in France and Italy for which headstone contracts had been placed. Establishment of other departments including the taking over of the Enquiries Branch of the Directorate of Graves Registration and Enquiries. Reference to the publication of the Kenyon Report in November 1918 and Kipling’s illustrated pamphlet ‘The Graves of the Fallen’ in April 1919.

Appendix A – Statement of Vote of Credit and Expenditure, 1918-1919;
Appendix B – Statement of Cash Payments from 1st April 1919 to 31st March 1920;
Appendix C – Percentages of Contributory Governments;
Appendix D – Statement of Total Expenditure from 1st April 1919 to 31st March 1920;
Appendix D1 – imperial War Graves Commission in Account with HM Treasury;
Appendix E – Fund for the Care and Maintenance of the Graves of the Fallen;
Appendix F – Private Inscriptions to be Placed on Headstones.

*The 31 cemeteries constituting the ‘First Priority Programme’ were divided into three groups as follows:
Base Group (11 cemeteries): Calais Southern Cemetery; Les Baraques British Cemetery, Sangatte; Wimereux Communal Cemetery; Terlincthun British Cemetery, Wimille; Boulogne Eastern Cemetery; Etaples Military Cemetery; Etretat Churchyard Extension; Ste. Marie Cemetery, Le Havre; Mont Huon Cemetery, Le Treport; Boisguillaume Communal Cemetery and Boisguillaume Communal Cemetery Extension, Rouen.

Poperinghe Group (7 cemeteries): Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery; Hop Store Cemetery; Vlamertinghe Military Cemetery; Poperinghe New Military Cemetery, Brandhoek Military Cemetery; Brandhoek New Military Cemetery; Ferme Olivier Cemetery.

Doullens and Amiens Group (13 cemeteries): Corbie Communal Cemetery Extension; La Neuville British Cemetery; Doullens Communal Cemetery Extension No.1; Doullens Communal Cemetery Extension No.2; Villers-Bocage Communal Cemetery Extension; St. Hilaire Communal Cemetery, Frevent; Vignacourt British Cemetery; Pernois British Cemetery, Halloy-Les-Pernois; Picquigny British Cemetery; Querrieu British Cemetery; Beauval Communal Cemetery; Longpre-Les-Corps Saints British Cemetery No.2; Crouy British Cemetery.

The ‘Second Priority Programme’ consisted of the following cemeteries: Nine Elms British Cemetery; Hospital Farm Cemetery; Ligny-St. Flochel British Cemetery; Le Touquet-Paris Plage Communal Cemetery; Huby-St. Leu British Cemetery; Le Peuplier British Cemetery; Pernes British Cemetery, Pernes-en-Artois; Cinq Rues British Cemetery, Hazebrouck; Gouy-en-Artois Communal Cemetery Extension; Lillers Communal Cemetery Extension; Varennes British Cemetery; Acheux British Cemetery; Bruay Communal Cemetery Extension; Morbecque British Cemetery; Contay British Cemetery; Tourgeville Military Cemetery, Trouville; Millencourt Communal Cemetery Extension; Le Grand Hasard Military Cemetery, Morbecque; Dainville British Cemetery; Wanquetin Communal Cemetery Extension; Ecoivres Military Cemetery, Mont St. Eloy; Bleuet Farm Cemetery; Borre British Cemetery; Harponville Communal Cemetery Extension; Pont-Remy British Cemetery; Haute-Avesnes British Cemetery; Warloy-Baillon Communal Cemetery Extension; Maroueil British Cemetery; Courcelles-au-Bois Communal Cemetery Extension; Bertrancourt Military Cemetery.
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