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TitleMemorials Erected By The Commission
DescriptionThis section is concerned with memorials erected out of the funds of the Commission. Most of these memorials were inteded to commemorate the dead who had no known grave, and were known as 'memorials to the missing'. Not all were large structures; several small forms of monument were used to commemorate individual or small groups of graves which had been destroyed or lost. The Commission also erected tablets commemorating all British Empire dead, whether their graves were known or not. There are 6 sub sections (A-F) which cover:
A. The development of policy on the commemoration of those with no known graves, and of the building programme.
B. Memorials to the missing on the Western Front.
C. Memorials to the missing in other land theatres of war.
D. Memorials to the missing of non-United Kingdom forces.
E. Memorials to the missing of the Royal and Merchant Navies, and others who died at sea.
F. Memorial tablets to all Empire dead.
Date1917 - 1980
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