Unique IDCWGC/1/1/8/29
File NumberWG 798/11 PT.4
TitleEnemy Graves And Interned Civilians - Egypt - Palestine - Syria

CWGC_1_1_8_29 opt.pdf

DescriptionMain topics: registration of title to Turkish prisoner of war cemeteries in Palestine; concentration of Turkish graves to vaults by Egyptian government; proposal to move some German graves into a British cemetery in Egypt; requests from Turkish authorities for details of Turkish World War 1 graves in Israel after World War 2.
Content NoteIncluding:Newspaper report re dedication of German war cemetery; Nazareth; 8 July 1935.Photograph of German monument to prisoners of war; Tel-el-Kebir; with letter; 22 Nov. 1941.
Date2/1/1934 - 15/11/1960
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