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TitleNotebooks Of H. P. Cart De Lafontaine
DescriptionSet of seven notebooks kept by H. P. Cart de Lafontaine regarding his work for the Imperial War Graves Commission in France. Main topics: (vols./1-/6) negotiations with municipalities; prefects and church authorities re perpetual concessions for British war graves in communal cemeteries and churchyards; and re preventing unauthorised exhumation; French attitudes to exhumation and to IWGC policy; condition of cemeteries and arrangements for maintenance of British graves; including work of "Souvenir Francais"; (vols./5-/7) negotiations re British Empire memorial tablets in French cathedrals; agreement with R. Hallward to execute them; and installation; negotiations re sites and competition procedures for memorials to missing; preliminary discussions with prefects and mayors re forms memorials should take (monumental or utilitarian). There are also occasional references to conversations on political topics.
Content NoteVolumes:/1: "No.1"; 10 July 1920 - 15 Nov. 1920 (also includes notes re conference of mayors from "Liberated Regions"; and re organising international architectural conference)./2: "No.2"; 20 Nov. 1920 - 20 Apr. 1921./3: "No.3"; 27 June 1921 - 2 Aug. 1921./4: "No.4"; 4 Aug. 1921 - 27 Sep. 1921./5: "No.5"; 17 Jan. 1922 - 31 Dec. 1922 (also mentions feared effect of cemetery vandalism on British attitudes to French; and complaints by one Mullineux; possibly re pilgrimage)./6: "No.6"; 15 Jan. 1923 - 25 Sep. 1923./7: "Memorial Tablets"; 12 Nov. 1923 - 23 Mar. 1927.
Date10/7/1920 - 23/3/1927
Extent7 volumes

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DS/UK/17Cart de Lafontaine; Henry Philip Leopold (1884-1963); Lt Col; architect1884-1963
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