What is in the catalogue?

The catalogue contains a listing of all of the Commission's historic archive items, as well as its library collection.

These items date from the very beginnings of the Commission to the present day.

The Archive's material contains information about the cemeteries and memorials maintained by the Commission, the individuals who have worked for and helped shaped the Commission, and the policies and processes which govern its work.

The catalogue includes the listing and description of items such as:

  • Personal correspondence
  • Maintenance and tour reports
  • Staff records
  • Photographs
  • Press cuttings
  • Architectural drawings and plans
  • Publications related to unveiling ceremonies and other aspects of commemoration
  • Meeting minutes
  • Bills of quantities and specifications used in architectural work carried out by the Commission
  • Documents outlining the Commission's approach to commemoration, exhumation, horticulture, architecture
  • Documents outlining the Commission's agreements with foreign governments and other national bodies

For further information, please see the 'About the CWGC Archive' page.
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