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TitlePhotograph Album Vol.2


Description55 pages of photos mostly taken in 1920. Photographs of cemeteries, memorials, buildings, landscapes and social events, mainly in France and Belgium. Subjects include Potzje, Strazeele, La Gorgue, Locon, Laventie, Merville, Hinges, Bronfay Farm, Varennes, Dainville, Arras, Villers Station, Le Touret, Pilkem Ridge, Bac du Sud, Warlincourt Halte, Vignacourt, Rouen, Jumieges, Messines, Bailleul, Ypres, Lapugnoy, Maricourt, Becourt, Meaulte, Neuve-Chapelle, Sucrerie, Berles au Bois, Wailly, Niewport, Etretat, Ploegsteert, Cite Bonjean, Honfleur, Cambrai, Caudry German MC, Cambrai German MC, Le Treport, Lijssenthoek, Hinges, Delville Wood, Becourt, Armentieres, Merville, La Boiselle, Etaples, Tyne Cot, Messines, Louvencourt, Coxyde, Loos, Hill 60, Quarry Cemetery, Vermelles, Bergues, Hooge Crater, Etaples.
Content NoteList of photographs
1) No caption – unknown cemetery with wooden crosses surrounded by trees.
2) ‘Potijze Chateau Cemetery’ – view of cemetery with wooden markers and two individuals.
3-5) ‘Potijze Chateau and Grounds, near Ypres, Feby 1920’– water field mine crater with damaged trees in background.
6) ‘Strazele Church, Feb 1920’ – damaged church
7) ‘Lavantie Church, Feb 1920’– damaged church
8-9) ‘Laventie Church interior, Feb 1920’ – damaged church and rubble with close-up of a carved face.
10) ’Interior, La Gorgue Church, West end with ruins of Tower, Mar 1920’ – damage to the inside of the church.
11) ‘Interior – East end, La Gorgue’ – damage to inside of church, though largely remains intact.
12) ‘Strazele Church’ – ruins of Strazeele church
13) ‘La Gorgue’– damage to La Gorgue church.
14) ‘Locon Church’ – damaged church with a house in the bottom right-hand corner
15) ‘Merville Church from North, March 1920’ – ruined church.
16) ‘Merville from S.W’ – ruins of Merville church
17) ‘Merville West front, March 1920’ – ruins of Merville church with stacks of bricks in the foreground
18) ‘Battlefield East of Arras, shell holes filled in, Feb 1920’ –open battlefield with filled in shell holes showing as discoloured ground.
19) ‘Hinges Church, S.E, March 1920’ – ruins of Hinges church with damaged trees
20) ‘Hinges Church, West’ – ruins of Hinges church
21) ‘Hinges Chateau’ – damage to chateau and ruins of church on the left of the photo.
22) ‘The Bapaume Road’ – view down open road.
23) ‘Bronfay Farm Cemetery, Sept 1919’ – close-up of wooden crosses and flowers in the cemetery.
24) ‘Couin British Cemetery Ap. 1919’ – cemetery with wooden crosses and trees, two holes in photos.
25) ‘Varennes Nursery, Ap. 1919’ – view of nursery garden with two men and trees in the background with an observation post in the central tree (notation above photo points to this and says “O.P in tree”)
26) ‘Dainville Dec 1919’ – view of Dainville cemetery with row of white crosses and woods behind them.
27-28) ‘Faubourg d’Amiens, Arras, Feb 1920’ – view of cemetery with wooden crosses.
29) ‘The Cross Roads Acheux, Lt. Tuck + Rex, June 1919’ – view of cross roads in town of Acheux with the lieutenant and dog posing for photo in the middle.
30) ‘Villers Station Cemetery, March 1920’ – view of cemetery with white wooden crosses.
31) ‘Le Tournet Cemetery, Jan 1920’ – view of cemetery with white wooden crosses and surrounding fields.
32) ‘Dragoon Camp Cemetery, Pilkem Bridge, Feb 1920’ – view of water filled crater with cemetery in the middle of battlefield.
33) ‘Caesars Nose cemetery, Pilkem Bridge, Feb 1920’ – view of water filled crater with cemetery behind it.
34) ‘Bac du Sud, Mar 1920’ – view of cemetery with wooden crosses in field.
35) ‘Athies l’Abbayette, Ap 1920’ – view of cemetery with wooden crosses and small buildings behind it.
36) ‘Warlincourt Halte, Ap 1920’ – view of cemetery with wooden crosses.
37-38) ‘Crouy’ and ‘Vignacourt’, ‘Feb and Mar 1920 – views of cemeteries with white wooden crosses.
‘Lijssenthoek Jan 1920’ – photograph missing
‘Vlamertinghe Mil, Jan 1920’ – photograph missing
39) ‘?’ – view of cemetery with white and wooden crosses with wreaths on them.
40) ‘Villers Station French, Feb 1920’ – close view of French cemetery with wooden crosses.
‘Ration Farm, Brit Cem. Nov 1919’ – photograph missing
41-45) ‘Rouen from the Havre Road, 1920’ – view of Rouen with the surrounding trees and vegetation (3 of the photographs form a panoramic view)
46-48) ‘Avenue on Rouen-Dieppe Road, 1919’ – view of a path through avenue of trees
49-52) ‘Jumieges, 1919’ – pictures of Jumieges Abbey and the surrounding trees concealing it.
53-57) ‘Jumieges, 1919’ – close-up photos of the architecture of Jumieges and view of trees in front of the Abbey.
58-61) ‘Jumieges’ – pictures of steps and vegetation outside the Abbey.
62-65) ‘Jumieges 1920’ – several pictures of columns and architecture of the Abbey with clear signs of neglect.
66) ‘Messines’ – view of ruined buildings.
67) ‘Houses in the Grand Place, Messines’ – close-up of destroyed houses, mainly rubble
68) ‘Messines Church’ – view of water filled area, with mound of rubble in background
69) ‘Pill box, Messines’ – view of remains of a pill box at Messines
70) ‘Bailleul, Ruins of Church’ – view of ruined church
71) ‘Bailleul 1920’ – ruins of buildings
72) ‘Bailleul, Hotel de Ville’ – ruins of hotel and two people standing on the rubble. Annotated ‘H.A.P’
73) ‘Bailleul’ – damaged buildings with fields beyond.
74-75) ‘The South Door’ – two views of the south door of the ruined Ypres Cathedral
76) ‘Ypres Cloth Hall’ –ruins of Ypres Cloth Hall, surrounded by other damaged buildings.
77) ‘Cloth Hall’ – ruins of the Cloth Hall in the centre of Ypres.
78) ‘Cloth Hall, 1920’ – ruins of the Cloth Hall in the centre of Ypres.
79) ‘From the North East’ – view of the ruins of the Cloth Hall in Ypres.
80) ‘In a Transept’ – view from the transept of Ypres Cathedral, showing internal and external damage to building
81) No caption – view of the ruins of Ypres cathedral.
82) ‘West door’ – view of the ruins of Ypres cathedral from the west side.
83) ‘Cloisters’ – view of the damaged cloisters of Ypres cathedral, with the ruins of the cathedral in the background.
84) ‘The Cathedral Ypres June 1920’ – ruins of Ypres Cathedral
‘Looking west down Centre of Nave’ – photograph missing
85) ‘In the centre’ – view of the damaged cathedral from the centre of the building
86) ‘Looking east down the centre of Nave’ – view of ruined cathedral looking down the remaining columns.
87) ‘View from top of ruins of East End, Ap. 1920’ – view of damaged buildings in Ypres.
88-89) ‘From the base of the Tower, looking East’ – view of ruins of Ypres town.
90) ‘From base of Tower looking South, June 1920’ – view of damaged buildings in Ypres
91) ‘Excavations at East End, June 1920’ – view of the ruins of the town and two men working at the site.
92-93) ‘The Peckham Crater Messines’ – view of big waterfilled mine crater.
94-95) ‘Middlestead Farm Crater, Messines – view of big waterfilled mine crater in battlefield, with Kemmel Hill in background (second photo has notation pointing to it saying “Kemmel Hill”)
96) ‘Near Ration Farm Cem, Bois Grenier. Col Goodland, Lady Ware, Mr McColl, Sir Fabian Ware’ – four people walking along a path, with surrounding fields.
‘Sir F. Ware, Lady Ware, Col. Goodland. Sir F. Kenyon, Lady Kenyon – photograph missing
‘Ypres Reservoir Cemetery’ – photograph missing
‘Lijssenthoek’– photograph missing
97-98) ‘Lapugnoy Nursery’ – view of nursery gardens and surrounding trees.
99-100) ‘Lapugnoy Cemetery’ – view of cemetery with white and wooden crosses with one person working on the path, with surrounding fields and trees
‘The Gardening Staff, Lapugnoy’ – photograph missing
101-103) ‘Lapugnoy Nursery, June 1920’ – view of the planted IWGC nursery fields with some people working on it and a white horse in the next field.
104) ‘Maricourt Church’ – view down a road with piles of rubble scattered beside it.
105-106) ‘Becourt Military Cemetery, from the ammunition trail’ – view of road with a car coming down it from the left, a cemetery is visible below the road in photo and surrounding fields clear. (photos annotated to show location of “Contalmaison”, and “Becourt Chateau.” )
107) ‘Meaulte’ – damaged landscape and buildings, with wooden trackway on left hand side
108) ‘Pill box, Neuve Chapelle’– destroyed pill box in amongst tall grass.
109) ‘Pill box, Neuve Chapelle’ – destroyed pill box in amongst tall grass.
110) ‘Strazele? – don’t think so’ – ruins of building (church?) with crucifix and cross to the left.
111) ‘Ramparts & Moat - Ypres’ – view of moat around Ypres ramparts with a road going over it and people walking across the road, in background a desolate landscape of damaged trees.
112) ‘Australian Memorial, Bray – Corbie Road, June 1920’ – view of the Australian 3rd Division Memorial, Sailly-le Sec.
113-114) ‘Craters in front of Fricourt May 1920’ – large craters in chalky (white) soil.
115) ‘Bridge on the Cambrai-Bapaume Road’ – view of destroyed bridge.
‘Ramparts Cemetery, Ypres May 1920’ – photograph missing
116) ‘Carnoy Cemetery, May 1920’ – view of the cemetery with wooden crosses beside a road, with two figures standing nearby
117-118) ‘The Sucrerie Cemetery, Neuvilly – close up of the cemetery with white and wooden crosses surrounded by fields.
119) ‘The Church, Berles au Bois, June 1920’ – view of the cemetery with wooden crosses in front of the small church at Berles-au-Bois.
120) ‘Wailly Nord, June 1920’ – view of damaged church and buildings.
121) ‘Berles au Bois, June 1920’ – close up view of part of the damaged church.
122) ‘Niewport, the Church’ – ruins of a church
123) ‘Etretat, June 1920’ – view of church with car parked outside it.
124) ‘Etretat Churchyard British’ – view of a small cemetery with wooden crosses and war graves.
125) ‘Etretat West door’ – close up of an intricately carved arch for entering the church.
126-127) ‘Royal Berks Extension, Hyde Park Corner, Plugstreet, May 1920’ – view of cemetery with wooden crosses.
128-129) ‘A Wayside Shrine, Pleached Limes’ – images of manged lime tress beside a road.
130) ‘Cite Bonjean Cemetery, Armentieres, June 1920’– view of cemetery with wooden crosses amongst flowers with buildings in background.
131-134) ‘Honfleur, June 1920’ – several images of Honfleur with view of the streets and people.
135) ‘Cambrai’ – view of church spire surrounded by scaffolding.
136) ‘Cambrai’ – view of a church in Cambrai from the street.
137) ‘Mixed Military Cemetery, Cambrai’ – view of a cemetery with wooden crosses in it from path which goes to small memorial in its centre.
138-140) ‘German Military Cemetery, Caudry, June 1920’ – three views of the German Military Cemetery at Caudry, the last annotated with location of Caudry Church
141-145) ‘The Cemetery of International Honour, June 1920’ – five views of the cemetery, showing horticultural treatment, and memorial.
146-149) ‘The German Military Cemetery, Cambrai, June 1920’ – four views of the cemetery, including views of the central memorial comprising of a large white cross with inscribed base, surrounded by circular stone wall.
150-152) ‘German Military Cemetery, Cambrai’ – three views photos of the cemetery, showing individual graves and grave markers.
153-156) ‘German Military Cemetery Cambrai’ – four views of cemetery, with different white stone memorials throughout the cemetery as well as a path leading up to a stone cross.
157) ‘The Seine at the Quilleboeuf Ferry, June 1920 – view of the River Seine with a large boat on it.
158) ‘At the Jumieges ferry, June 1920’ – view of the banks of the River Seine with a large dark boat riding along the river.
159-160) ‘Le Treport, June 1920’– landscape photo of the coastal town with the military cemetery in the centre. Annotated to show location of the ‘cross in British Cemetery’.
161-162) ‘Niewport Church July 1920’ – ruins of Nieuport church from two different angles, one showing the cemetery with wooden crosses and the other showing people walking past the ruins of the church.
163-164) ‘Covered Trenches along shore near Niewport les Bains’ – view of remains of covered trenches running along the beach, near Nieuport.
165) ‘Lijssenthoek, June 1920’ – view of cemetery with wooden crosses and flowers, with buildings in background.
166) ‘Lijssenthoek’ – view of cemetery with wooden crosses and flowers, with buildings in background.
167) ‘Hinges Church, May 1920’ – ruins of Hinges church.
168) No caption – view of an unknown cemetery with wooden crosses and small trees in background.
169-170) ‘Delville Wood 1920’ – landscape view of Delville Wood, showing dead tree trunks
171-172) ‘Near Becourt’ – view of mine craters or trenches in the landscape
173) ‘The bells of Boesinghe Church hung outside the new building and rung by the means of a string tied to the clapper, July 1920’ – one large and one small bell inside a wooden frame.
174) ‘Small church, Rue Marle, Armentieres’ – damaged church with wooden roof support lying on top of rubble.
175) ‘Merville Church – the ruins have been blown up by dynamite and the process of cleaning began, July 1920’ – ruins and rubble of the church after destruction, with figure standing in foreground with wheelbarrow.
176) ‘Merville’ – ruins of church and buildings.
177-179) ‘Mine Crater La Boiselle – blown July 1st 1916’ – view of the Lochnagar mine crater at La Boiselle, blown on the first day of the Battle of the Somme. Annotated to show location of ‘High ground, East of Thiepval’.
180-182) ‘Etaples Military Cemetery, July 1920’ – panoramic view of Etaples Military Cemetery with rows of wooden crosses and paths laid out. Sand dunes and trees in the background.
183-186) ‘Tyne Cot Mil. Cem., Passchendaele, July 1920’ – four photos giving a two panoramic views of Tyne Cot cemetery with numerous rows of wooden crosses and people walking through cemetery. One of the Tyne Cot blockhouses in the background of one image.
187) ‘Crater, St Eloi – Hill 60’ – view of large water field mine crater.
188) ‘The Messines – Ypres Road general depth of soil over the road about 7 feet, July 1920’ – view of several workmen with horse and cart, presumably engaged in clearing the soil from the road.
189) ‘Messines Ridge Cem’ –view of Messines Ridge British Cemetery with wooden crosses.
190) ‘The Church Les Boeufs, July 1920’ – view of ruins of church with a wooden cross on top of the rubble.
191) ‘Louvencourt’ – view of Louvencourt Military Cemetery, with the Stone of Remembrance and most of the permanent headstones erected, some wooden crosses still present.
192) ‘Louvencourt’ – view of Louvencourt Military Cemetery showing the Cross of Sacrifice.
193) ‘Meaulte’ – ruins of church with a small cross in the front of the photo.
194) ‘Becordel Church’ – ruins of church with other buildings in background.
195-197; 198) ‘Coxyde Military Cemetery, August 1920’ – panoramic view of cemetery with rows of wooden crosses, with individual view of wooden fence surrounding the cemetery.
199) ‘The Quarry Cemetery Loos.’ – view of a small number of wooden crosses within a quarry.
200) ‘Entrance to the Hohenzollern Redoubt Loos.’ – view of the front of stone building with symbol above the entrance.
201) ‘Kemmel from Hill 60, Crater in foreground’ – water field mine crater in the middle of battlefield.
202) ‘Tank hole, Hill 60’ – remains of stone fortification/emplacement
203) ‘Site of Merville Church’ – view of cleared ground, the former location of Merville Church.
204) ‘Bergues’ – view of the town walls, with surrounding moat.
205) ‘Bergues’ – view of the town walls, with surrounding moat.
206) ‘Bergues’ – view of entrance gate/archway in the town walls, with buildings of the twon visible in background.
‘Hooge Crater Cemetery’ – photograph missing
207) ‘Hooge Crater Cemetery’ – view of cemetery with rows of wooden crosses.
208-211) ‘Etaples Military Cemetery Looking Seaward’’ – panoramic landscape view of cemetery with wooden crosses and large paths going through cemetery.
Date1/1/1919 - 31/12/1920
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